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Thoughts on Synthesis of Science and Religion

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Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2001)

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This book is a compilation of papers by several distinguished authors, representing several disciplines of Science, as well as very prominent religious thinkers, including:

1)Gregory Benford; Professor of Physics, Univ. of california, Irvine, and award winning science fiction writer
2)Deepak Chopra; International Speaker, Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being, La Jolla, CA., and author of over 25 books
3)Freeman Dyson, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Priceton University; author of several books
4)Amit Goswami; Senior Researcher at the Institute of Noetic sciences, University of Oregon, and distinguished author
5) Father Maximillian Mizzi; Franciscan Order, Founder, Centro Francescano Internationale per il Diaglo, Assisi, Itlay
6)Dr. Robert Muller; Chancellor, University of Peace, Costa Rica, recipient, Albert Schweitzer International prize for the Humanities; author
7)Dr. V.V. Raman; Professor Emeritus of Physics and Humanities, Rochestor Institute of Technology; Associate Editor of Encyclopedia of Hinduism project.
8)Dr. T.D. Singh; Rector, University of Bhagavata Culture, Manipur, India. Author of many bokks and articles regarding the scientific vedic paradigm
9) Charles Townes; Nobel Prize winner in Physics. Graduate School, University of CA, Berckeley
10)Betty Williams; Nobel Peace Prize winner for work in Northern Ireland. President, World Centers for Compassion for Children

Forward: by H.H. The Dalai Lama

Includes 16 pages of full color photographs of the “Synthesis of Science and Religion” Conference held in Calcutta. The papers submitted at that conference form the basis of this volume.

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Quotes from the book

Conditions for life must first be arranged before living organisms can exist and proliferate.” – Werner Arber

One can understand how some simple proteins may be synthesized from amino acids, but there is no understandable model for self-replication of proteins ” – V. V. Raman


“Could the environment somehow be selectively driving evolution and if so could it be that evolution, at least at the molecular level, is more Lamarckian than it is Darwinian?”

– Anita Goel

“The formation of the first fully-functioning, self-replicating life system with the potential for Darwinian evolution is riddled with the difficulty of beating super-astronomical odds and still remains an elusive concept. “ – Chandra Wickramasinghe

What may be less well known is that DNA is, by itself, an essentially inert substance. It is no more than a set of coded instructions … When it comes to implementing the instructions, DNA can do nothing by itself.” – Christian de Duve

… the natural sciences are not competent to express their views on the beings or realities related to the spiritual world because no notions characterizing the matter can be applied there.” – Mikulas Blazek

A team of geologists … came to Hueyatlaco to date the site. … converged on an age of about 250,000  years for the site. The archeologists refused to consider this date. They could not believe that humans capable of making the Hueyatlaco artifacts existed 250,000 years ago.” – Michael A. Cremo

The phenomenon of development—how a onecelled embryo develops into an adult organism with differentiated organs seems to be beyond the purview of a materialist biology.” – Amit Goswami

It will be a good research field to study how the conscious energy is transmitted from the spiritual soul, ‘spiriton’ to the brain.” – Dr. T. D. Singh


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