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TATTVAJIJNASA Vol 1- Scientific and Spiritual Quest for Ultimate Reality

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Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2007)

Language: English

ISSN: 0973-3035

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Tattvajigyasa is comprised of two Sanskrit words, tattva and jigyasa. Tattva means the Absolute Truth, the Ultimate Reality and jigyasa means inquiry. So Tattvajigyasa means inquiry into the Absolute Truth or the Ultimate Reality. Early in this millennium, we are surrounded by unparallel frontiers of science – from nanotechnology, to bioengineering, to string theory, to space science and vast other scientific disciplines. The advancements in science and technology have revolutionized our life, from air transportation to high speed communications, computers, semiconductors, microchips, lasers, fiber optics, etc. Yet, our world picture seems gloomier than it was when science was started by its founding fathers four centuries ago. Our system of thoughts, values, ethics, meaning and purpose in life are more in flux than ever. The degree of anxiety, terror, fear, insecurity, uneasiness and immoral practices has increased many folds. Why? It seems that somewhere along the line we have missed an important ingredient of life. Today, many prominent scientists also propose that the present scientific knowledge seems incompetent to explain many fundamental truths of nature, such as consciousness, life and its origin, mind-brain problem, life in other parts of the universe, etc. As Roger Penrose, the well-known mathematical physicist from the University of Oxford thoughtfully expresses, “an essential ingredient is missing from our present-day scientific picture. This missing ingredient would be needed in order that the central issues of human mentality could ever be accommodated within a coherent scientific world-view.” We feel the missing element is the undeniable role of spirituality in our life. Science and Spirituality have a common quest, the quest for the Ultimate Reality. In this quest for Ultimate Reality, one sided scientific approach cannot do. Spirituality will also be a major partner. Our students and younger generation, the future projection of our society, are being taught the latest scientific and technological developments in various disciplines at numerous colleges and universities around the world. However, they are lacking the spiritual foundation. In an attempt to fathom the secrets of nature, we have missed the deeper meaning and purpose of our own life and the universe we live in. It is ironic that in this advanced age of science and technology we are not able to find any deeper meaning and purpose of life – the very first question addressed in spirituality. This has caused a wide gap in wholistic growth of students and every individual. It has also been a major cause for so many problems, diseases, unrest, unnatural habits, evident in our modern youths. As one of the founding fathers of quantum physics, Erwin SchrÎdinger, who gave us the equation that bears his name (SchrÎdinger ’s Equation), expressed: In a humble attempt to bridge this gap, we are launching this magazine Tattvajigyasa. Capturing the undeniable role of both science and spirituality in our for Ultimate Reality, we have added the subtitle, “Scientific and Spiritual Quest for Ultimate Reality.”

Let us give you a snapshot of this first issue. It includes five thought provoking articles. It opens with our dialogue with Prof. Alan G. MacDiarmid held in his office at the University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA. Prof. MacDiarmid received Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2000 for his amazing discover of what is commonly called ‘Synthetic Metals. ’ The next one is an article on ‘Ordinary Faith, Ordinary Science’ by Prof. William D. Phillips, another Nobel Laureate but in Physics from the University of Maryland, USA. Prof. Jagdish N. Srivastava, CNS Research Professor Emeritus from the Colorado State University, Colorado, USA has contributed the next article giving account of his own life’s journey from an atheist student to a devout scientist. The next article, ‘Man and Machine’ is a joint article by research scholars and students from computer science followed by our article, ‘Scientific Exploration of God – A Vedantic Perspective.’ We are also making a humble attempt to present a short scientific commentary on a chosen verse from our Vedantic literatures in each issue of this magazine under the heading ‘The Eternal Axioms.’ To inspire and inform about the increasing dialogue between science and spirituality in campuses around the world, each issue includes in a section called, ‘Around the Campus.’ Hope it will inspire you to start a science and spirituality group in your own campus/institute.

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Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2017)





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“When you see how abundant life is there on Earth, then when you look up in the sky, you think that there has to be life over there too.– Robert Mah


… the reconcilation of Science & Spirituality is not only possible, it is essential” – Bernard Haisch


“According to Newton if matter is to be identified as the inert and passive principle of motion, then there must be something else to explain how the change occurs. Where does it originate” (Science of karma)


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