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Mysticism – A Meeting Point of Science & Religion

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Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 81-89635-22-0

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We are surrounded by mountains of unlimited mysteries. In any discipline, if one goes a little deeper, he encounters myriads of mystical elements. Starting from the question about the existence of cute imaginary numbers (are they really imaginary?) in mathematics, to the meaning of incomprehensible wavefunction in physics and the inaccessible origin of life in the life-sciences, just to name a few, we cannot escape mysteries around us. In fact, the developments of modern science itself over the last four centuries have even opened them wider before us, as never before. In his spiritual journey, a mystic also encounters mysteries at every step and looks for answers. What are the various mysteries in physics, mathematics, life-sciences or cosmology? How does a scientist or a mystic encounter them? What paths does he take to move ahead? What guides his journey and what is the future of such a seeker? Explore these and more in this extremely precious publication, Mysticism – A Meeting Point of Science and Religion, with one of the most brilliant scientist and saint of our times, Dr. T. D. Singh. Dr. Singh, who had a firsthand experience of both, with his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine and having undergone devout mystical training in the age-old Vaishnava Vedantic tradition of India, takes us into its depth with utmost insights and simplicity.

Dr. T. D. Singh (His Holiness Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami) has a unique background. He is a scientist with a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine, USA, as well as a spiritualist in the Bhakti-Vedanta tradition of India. He has authored and edited over thirty books on science and religion, including his famous dialogue with Prof. Roger Penrose: Science, Spirituality and the Nature of Reality. He is the Founder Director of the Bhaktivedanta Institute and has been one of the pioneers in advancing the dialogue between science and religion over the past three decades.

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“physicists have found it impossible to give a satisfactory description of atomic phenomenon without reference to the consciousness– Eugene P. Wigner

consiousness must be part of … of reality, which means that, quite apart fromm the laws of physics and cemistry … we must also consider laws of quite a different nature. ” – Niels Bohr


“.. consciousness is neither a material brain-product nor a dual object, instead, it is the ground of all being in which material objects exist as possibilities”

– Amit Goswami


“… there may be a whole new approach possible to unravel the perennial mysteries of what we really are and what this universe is all about.” – Bernard Haisch

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