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Life and Spiritual Evolution – Hindi

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Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2014)
Language: Hindi

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The modern theory of evolution is taught in almost all schools and colleges around the globe and is influencing thousands of students every moment.

Life, according to this paradigm, is a product of the evolution of the lifeless cosmic dust particles (atoms and molecules), which have no meaning and purpose.

However, all religious traditions of the world proclaim a divine meaning and higher purpose of life. Vedanta, the topmost philosophical treatise of spiritual and cultural heritage of India, provides a vivid description about life, its origin and meaning.

  • Gain insights from the Vedantic literature; look deeper into the nature of life!
  • Discover the holistic paradigm about life incorporating the spiritual dimension of life and the evolution of consciousness.


Some extracts:

  • Researchers attempted to illustrate the possibility of spontaneous generation of the chemical elements of RNA itself. What are the results?
  • Microorganisms exhibit very little symptom of consciousness. However, they do have. The well-known biologists indicated that Protozoa, single-celled animals and bacteria also possess consciousness. Learn more!
  • There is, in fact, no room for free will in present scientific laws and yet almost every scientist essentially assumes he has it. Read more!
  • Why does science have no capacity to explain life fully? Why does the life particle lie beyond the scope of modern science?


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