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The Science of interreligious dialogue

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Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2008)
Language: English
ISBN: 81-89635-46-6

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As humanity marches into the new millennium, large-scale problems continue to threaten the well-being of multitudes of people. Yet, at the same time, there lies an anchor of hope and an abiding faith in the promise of the future. There is a gradual reawakening of the promise for peace whose echoes are steadily being heard throughout the world. The Science of Interreligious Dialogue is another milestone in reinforcing and deepening our commitments towards world peace through the interfaith journey. Touching briefly the key elements of the science of interfaith action, Dr. Singh presents in this volume the fundamentals of the science of interreligious harmony and understanding, thus broadening the horizons of our minds as well as that of our hearts. Dr. Singh is a unique personality whose life-long works focused on science-spirituality interface and promoting interfaith harmony for the welfare of humanity. These words by Dr. Singh, who has been a landmark figure on the world stage having initiated, inspired and guided numerous practical peace measures around the world, will inspire people from all ages all over the world and foster their commitment towards a culture of interfaith harmony in our pursuit of a peaceful world.

God’s love is too great to be confined to any one side of a conflict or to any one religion.
— Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu
Nobel Laureate in Peace

If somehow we can bring together the idea of openness present in science with religious thinking that has ideas of love and peace at its base, maybe that is the way.
— William D. Phillips
Nobel Laureate in Physics

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