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God Is A Person – Oriya

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Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2015)

Language: Hindi

ISBN: 81-89635-24-7

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Open reflections of 2 Nobel LaureatesCharles H. Townes, inventor of laser and maser, & William D. Phillips, pioneer of laser cooling of atoms.

Are God and His personality mere imagination of the human mind? Or: Does He really exist with spiritual attributes? And what kind of person is He?

Does He have, like us, a physical body shaped by genome and acting in space & time? Or: Is He a transcendental personality beyond the influence of material nature?

  • Discover the inner realizations and heart-felt views of two of the most brilliant scientists of our time; and witness how amazingly close to the teachings of the Vedanta they are.
  • Be inspired by these deep insightsReflect on our own perceptions about the nature of the Ultimate Reality or God.
  • Realize and appreciate how intellectuals from different backgrounds and religions can share similar awareness and essential conclusions.
  • Learn more about the amazing truths contained in the timeless Vedanta.


“God is very personal. He has very personal interactions with us … I think there is continuous interaction between God and this universe, especially with us personally. That is very important to our lives. … I believe that and I feel it. ” — Charles Townes

“I think that what God wants from us is to have a personal relationship with Him and to have good personal relationships with each other. That’s why we’re here. … the relationship God wants us to have with Him is a kind of model…. It models for us the kinds of relationships we ought to have with each other.”— William Phillips

“… the Personality aspect of God … does not imply that the concept is anthropomorphic. It is not that we give a human shape or characteristic to a god or anything whimsically. Rather it is the revelation of God Himself to self-realized transcendentalists. “— T. D. Singh

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