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Science and Spiritual Quest-Proceedings of the 4th All India Students’ Conference

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Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2008)

Language: English

ISBN: 81-89635-11-5

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The progress in natural sciences and technological advancement has provided tremendous
benefits and comforts to human society. Spirituality brings value to one’s existence and
it provides answers to the fundamental questions that bother inquisitive minds. From a
distance, science and spirituality may appear contradictory, and while pursuing a career in
one, the practice Of the Other may appear an impediment. But, on delving deeper, as many
of our founding fathers of science experienced, one would find that science and spirituality
complement each other. They are methodologies to understand the various facets of the
Absolute Truth. Science helps in spiritual realization. Spirituality helps in proper scientific
understanding and a balanced world-view. With a scientific outlook, a spiritualist serves
the society in a better way, and With a spiritual perspective, a scientist better appreciates
the Creator, His creations and their mysteries. Thus, a quest for science and spirituality
is always worth pursuing, and a proper understanding of both is essential for a harmony
between the self, the society, the nation and the world.

This volume Of the conference proceedings Of the 4th All India Students’ Conference on
Science and Spiritual Quest contains thoughts from 28 eminent speakers on their quests
for science and spirituality. They have pondered deep into various areas such as genetic
engineering, quantum physics, evolutionary biology, mathematics, philosophy, economics,
neuroscience, artificial intelligence and cosmology, and have brought out many threads of
wisdom. Their realizations are a valuable source Of knowledge and will provide genuine
guidance to the sincere seekers of knowledge in their search for the deeper answers
concerning life and our universe.

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It is intresting for us to compare relevant basic contents of early written texts with today’s available scientific knowledge on the inanimate and the animate worlds.” – Werner Arber


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