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Symposium – ‘Celebrating Life & Works of Dr. T. D. Singh‘

A warm greeting from Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata.

We feel privileged to invite you to the upcoming online event “ Celebrating Life and Works of Dr. T. D. Singh” Symposium on 9th December 2021 on the auspicious occasion of the 84th appearance anniversary of Dr. T. D. Singh (His Holiness Bhaktisvarupa Damodar Swami), the founding director of Bhaktivedanta Institute.

We especially invite you and your friends & family to kindly grace this unique golden event to get a glimpse of the life of a multidimensional, outstanding, magnificent, and exceptional personality and his profound works related to the synthesis of science and spirituality. His actions were in a spirit of mission for the welfare of modern academic circles through interactions with eminent scientists like Nobel Laureates and young scientific students across the globe. His whole life was dedicated to broadening the worldview of reality among scholars and students and laid principles for offering them a holistic life. We sincerely request you to take advantage of this rare opportunity and take inspiration from Dr. Singh’s life and works, and this way continue your own life journey filled with these inspirations.

To know more about the symposium:

Also, please register (for free) through this link:

Thank you for your interest.

Best Regards,
Organizing Team – Symposium ‘Celebrating Life & Works of Dr. T. D. Singh’
Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata


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