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Science and Spiritual Quest-Proceedings of the 7th All India Students’ Conference

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Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (2012)

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The scientific pursuit is led by a quest starting with a hypothesis, pursued with logic and
modeled with scientific tools of analysis, verified and validated by experimentation.
Experimental verification forms the heart of the scientific inquiry. Spirituality, on the
other hand, guides one to lead a complete, ethical and purposeful life.
It guides one how to manage oneself – to control one’s emotions from
the hardest moments of our lives to joyous ones. It provides a bigger
picture of life and deals with the very word ‘life’ itself. It brings out
inner dimensions of our life and being, from our heartfelt emotions to
our fine dealings with our colleagues to our search for deeper meaning
behind all what there is – the aspects which are so vital to us but still
escapes the grasp of most advanced particle accelerators.
Thus a fine mix of scientific pursuit endowed with technical skills and
spiritual wisdom providing core aspects of our being would set an
individual and humanity towards a holistic growth. The present volume
containing wisdom from about a dozen of invited scholars, reflects on
some of these aspects, covering various areas of physics, cosmology,
mathematics, neuroscience, consciousness, leadership, administration,
and environment. It will be a useful resource for all those who aspire to
lead a complete life, whether a student, a professional, an
administrator or a scientist.

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It is intresting for us to compare relevant basic contents of early written texts with today’s available scientific knowledge on the inanimate and the animate worlds.” – Werner Arber


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